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Allocation Of Artworks

Ready made artworks are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  

If the first person to reserve an artwork does not proceed with the transaction, the next person to reserve it will be notified.


Methods Of Payment

Artbespoke will accept payment via:

  • Bank Check

  • Personal Check

  • Money Order




If you change your mind, you must indicate that you want to return the artwork within 3 months of receiving it.  
You must have notified us of the date you received it.  

We will take Returns, but will not reimburse the shipping costs.

Return shipment must be registered and insured for purchase price, and Artbespoke must be informed of the date sent.

We will reimbuse the purchase price to you only after we receive the artwork back.



The miminum information we need is your email address for contacting you quickly, your name and shipping address (contacting you through the Post would take approximately 10 days). 

We record the transit details for each step of the shipping process. 

We keep track of date sold, name of buyer, and shipping address / email address of buyer at the time of sale, and date buyer received the artwork.   This is so if someone wants to locate the artworks in future they can (such as for special exhibitions, historical writings, etc.).  This information is solely to keep track of the location of the artworks.

Artbespoke Ltd does not regard a Customer as a commodity to be sold, and customer information will not be transferred to any other company.

Last updated 07 May, 2004


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