What You Get 

Included | Not Included Frames  


  • The artwork as specified on the detail page
  • Wooden packing crate (the crate has been used to make a doll house afterwards!)
  • Shipping and Handling Costs
  • Transport Insurance

Note that the images on display are not at the optimal resolution, for speed of loading onto the page.  The artworks themselves are richer with much more detail and texture.


Not Included

  • No glass ever (in case it breaks in transit)
  • No mat or frame, unless by special arrangement (see below)



Artbespoke artworks do not usually come with picture frames.  
However, if you would like your painting to be framed or matted, we can arrange for it to be done at additional cost.  Describe to us what you want, or you can leave it up to us to choose the frame or mat that would best go with the painting.

Last updated 12 November, 2000


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