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12 " W x 18 " H,  30 cm W x 45 cm H
Material   Acrylic on Canvas
Artist   A.H. Clemens
Painted   May 2002, 
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

In a manner similar to that of Three Dancers of March 2001, this picture attempts to capture some of the complex responses evoked by dance.  In this case the action is more sinuous and graceful, and generally less threatening.  The dancer remains featureless again suggesting the ritualistic nature of dance. 

In this case there is an audience they are also basically featureless and, unlike the brightly coloured dancer appear to be somberly dressed.  In the background, perfumed swirls escape from a bottle and lend a fantastical air  like a genie from a bottle perhaps.

Despite the brightly coloured clothes, swirls and flowers, the overall tone of the picture is not a happy one.  There are some disturbing signs.  The dancer appears to wear a black armband and the flowers in the foreground could be adorning a coffin rather than a table top.  Were the single stroke of the armband to be taken away, the mood changes and she would dance much more lightheartedly across the picture space.

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