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12 " W x 22 " H,  30 cm W x 55 cm H
Material   Acrylic on Canvas
Artist   A.H. Clemens
Painted   May 2003, 
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Stacey, aged seven and a half , and about to head off to a classmate’s fancy dress birthday party.  Stacey is busily playing the part of the little princess very admirably.  She stands tall and her fine costume does not look at all out of place.

The sense of play-acting is enhanced by the misalignment between her stance and the lines on the wallpaper – she looks as though she may be about to do a slightly awkward curtsey.  And although she looks serious at first glance, on closer examination you can see the faintest of smiles on her face and a laughing expression in her eyes.  Stacey has an extremely well developed sense of humour and instantly grasps the light heartedness of any situation.

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