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No. 323   LONDON PLAGUE - 1665
24 " W x 12 " H,  60 cm W x 32 cm H
Material   Acrylic on Wood
Artist   A.H. Clemens
Painted   July 2003, 
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Condemned houses with boarded up windows.  Doors marked with large, clearly seen, red crosses.  The dead-cart laden with a shrouded victim wheeled through deserted garishly lit streets.

From this enormous distance in time, the Plague is just another memorable chapter in the tumultuous history of the great metropolis.  Along with other events like the Great Fire, Jack the Ripper, and the Blitzkreig it adds, in some mysterious way, to the attraction of the City. 

This picture is not about the horrors of a plague-stricken city.  Rather it is about the strange and uneasy fascination that attaches to horrific events.

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