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15 " W x 24 " H,  38 cm W x 60 cm H
Material   Acrylic on Wood
Artist   A.H. Clemens
Painted   March 2002, 
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Woman alone, but not lonely.  Sunlight floods the room in which she has recently awoken and made her way to the window for her first look at the new day.  The overall tone is of cheerful reds and yellows although the brick wall of her room looks a little forbidding. 

She appears to be paying more than a casual glance to the scene outside the window  rather giving the impression that she is in unfamiliar surroundings.  The single flower in the glass vase may have been delivered with breakfast the previous morning.  The drinking glass with its fluted plastic cover is also suggestive of a hotel room.

Despite being alone in unfamiliar surroundings, the lady in the picture gives no sense of vulnerability.  Rather she gives the impression of being totally at ease.  Whatever the day is about to bring, she will manage comfortably.  It is the viewer who is made to feel like a voyeur, intruding on her space.

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