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18 " W x 24 " H,  45 cm W x 60 cm H
Material   Acrylic on Wood
Artist   A.H. Clemens
Painted   January 2003, 
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

An unlikely menagerie of birds squawk and twitter.  A horse snorts as it rushes by with hoofbeats resounding through a vast featureless space.

An explosion of gunfire lights up the night sky above a beleaguered city.  Citizens are caught outside in the snow and run for whatever cover they can find.  In the bottom left panel, two odd metallic shapes scrape past each other.

To be alive is to be bathed in a sea of sensory experiences, to instantly interpret them and respond accordingly.  Normally we are unaware of the process but these noisy images -   some portending threats to life, some not all evoke immediate responses and help to capture some of the exhilaration of being alive. 

But beware - for to be in a state of permanent adrenalin rush is to approach madness and kill all power of reason. 

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